Integrated Pest Management


Identifying your pest activity


Protect your home today with our quality home pest inspection.
A full inspection of interior and exterior areas is provided. We will indicate the presence of any rodent or wildlife activity, rodent entry points, wood destroying insect activity-carpenter ant nests, carpenter bee damage, termite and powder post beetle damage. Also we locate potential conditions that draw wood destroying insects to your structure-signs of leaks, standing water, wood-to-soil contact, moisture buildup in basement and landscape issues like trees too close to the hosue.

Here's the plan

Once we have identified the pest at hand we then come up with a plan of action. We will let you know the safest and best approach in resolving the pest issue at your home. We incorporate IPM Integrated Pest Management into all of our solutions making sure to keep the environment, people and pets in mind.

We service the following pests

  1. Ants-Carpenter Ants, Pavement Ants, Odorous house Ants, all Ants really....
  2. Commensal Rodents- Mice, Rats 
  3. Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets
  4. Bees- Carpenter bees
  5. Bald-faced hornets
  6. Ticks
  7. Fleas
  8. Mosquitoes
  9. Mites
  10. Cockroaches
  11. Carpet Beetles
  12. Pantry Moths
  13. Clothing Moths
  14. Spiders
  15. Silverfish
  16. Cenitpedes
  17. Millipedes
  18. Voles, moles, chipmunks
  19. Termites
  20. Powder Post beetles- reinfesting beetles
  21. Wildlife

Current deals-bundle and save

Having unexpected guests invade your home can be a pain. We can help save you money by combing services such as ticks and mosquitoes. Also if you have ants that we take care of in the Spring and then you get mice later on down the line we will take into consideration what you have already gone through. Not only what you have gone through pest-wise but budget-wise. Once an initial pest problem has been serviced at your property you qualify for our Semi-Annual Pest Service.

Our Semi-Annual Pest Service protects your home from general pests-Mice, Ants, Bees/Wasps. The services are provided 2 times a year- In the Spring and then in the Fall. There is a year round warranty provided for those general pests in between services at no additional cost to you.

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