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Ace certified entomologists identification of pests by the experts.

Scientific Approach

We backup our work with an industry leading service. With 2 ACE certified Entomologists on staff you will be amazed at our knowledge of structural pests, and expertise on their control, resolutions and prevention.

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We do it ALL

Servicing a large area in Eastern Massachusetts, North and South Shore as well as Metrowest we provide services for structural pests, tick & mosquitos, termites and wildlife removal....whew! We've got you covered :)

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Solution Goal

Here at Assurance Pest Solutions we believe that in most cases of structural pest infestations there is a clear-cut solution that can be found. Our goal is to not manage a problem (for years) that can be resolved once and for all with proper techniques. Bring it on!

Some of Our work

Mice Exclusion


Safely sealing mice off from entry point at electrical line for stove. Using cement caulk and vinyl coated wire screen.

Rat exclusion


Sealing rats off from the home by pouring cement into this cutout in the basement footing. An old sewer line was left uncapped and rats got in.

Squirrel removal

Squirrel removal

Eviction device allows wildlife to leave safely without harm. Areas are then sealed off to prevent future actvity.

Ant Treatment

Ant treatment, carpenter ant nest elimination

After our treatment hit the right spot the Carpenter ants said uncle. All ants vacated the nest, problem solved.

Conducive condition-Fixed


Termites were using wood to soil contact at basement window sill to get to their food source. They often enter the basement this way and then get into the sill plate, joists and carrying beams. We removed excess soil, setup landscape fabric and gravel.

Ground exclusion

Ground exclusion

Ground exclusion of rear porch to prevent mice and wildlife harborage. Since they can't burrow under it they will give up and move on. Discreet landscape rock rodent bait stations in place just in case any come back around .

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