Be proactive with termite control

Termite services

Inspection and Identification


Having an on site inspection is important to first identify activity correctly and to create the best treatment options for your property. The cheapest price is not always the best option. Please take time to choose the right company.

Conducive conditions


It is has been found in studies that about 6-8 termite colonies can be present within 100 ft of your home at any time. Changing inviting conditions on your structure will help to reduce the likelihood of termite activity on your home.

Termite baiting


The advantages of termite baiting are that it is less invasive to the environment, less harmful to you and your family and also better in eliminating the termite colony completely. We use the Advance Termite Baiting System.

Conventional liquid barrier treatment


When termites are on the structure and doing damage to your home parts of a conventional treatment are necessary in addition to a baiting system. In the application of a full conventional treatment termiticide is applied into the soil and injected through the asphalt becoming a barrier termites must pass through in order to access the wood on your home.

WDI-Wood Destroying Insect inspections


We offer WDI inspections for your home. They are typically required for real estate transactions on certain loans or refinancing. A thorough inspection is done to identify activity, damage and any conducive conditions that may create future issues.