Biting, stinging and downright irritating

Tick Treatments


 Tick borne diseases are a threat to you, your family and pets. Keeping up with tick control is important. We perform 2 to 3 services per year in Spring, late Summer (if needed) and in Fall. We use a coarse liquid treatment along with tick granular in the soil at the far perimeter of the yard at the grass areas. 

Mosquito Treatments


 Our mosquito services are performed about every 3-4 weeks per their life cycle. We use a residual liquid with IGR (insect growth regulator) to aid in stopping the continued breeding. We also offer treatments using ECO-friendly products. 

Bed Bug Treatments


We offer heat and conventional bed bug treatments for our customers. We employ the newest techniques and tools in eradicating each and every bed bug in your home. If one bug is left behind the problem will not be solved!